International cooperation


 2018-2019 academic year

 Prof. Posilkina O.V. – Member of the editorial board of the professional scientific journal «Recipe” (Republic of Belarus).

Professor Posilkina O.V. and associate professor Gladkova O.V. have completed the  internship  at the Higher School of Social and Economic in Przeworsk, Poland (January-April 2019).

Participation of employees in international conferences:
1. XXIII International Scientific and Practical Conference “Actual Problems of Modern Medicine and Pharmacy – 2019”, Minsk, Belarus.

2. V International Scientific and Practical Conference “Medicine, Pharmacy, Health – 2019″, Karlovy Vary, Czech Republic.

3. XIV International Scientific and Practical Conference “Years of Development of Village, Tourism and Folk Crafts (2019-2021)”, Dushanbe, Tajikistan.

4. International Scientific Conference Anti-crisis management, Le Mans, France (2018).

5. International Scientific Conference Integration of Business Structures, Georgia, Tbilisi (2019).

6. International scientific and practical conference «Science and society», Namur, Belgium (2019).


2017-2018 academic year

Associate professor Proskurnia O.M. has completed the  internship  at the Polytechnic University  im. Ignacego Lukasiewicza (Rzeszow, Poland, 2018).

The internship of undergraduate students from Kazakhstan (Manasov N.K., Rgimbay N.E.) was conducted (2017).

Associate professor Sokhatska G.V. has received the grant for an internship at the Pavol Jozef Šafárik University (Košice, Slovakia, 2017)

2016-2017 academic year

Associate professor Kozyreva O. V has visited United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland Oxford Business School, Oriel College of Economics, St Maruis College of London, Cambridge University to study economic training experience (2016).

2015-2016 academic year

Professor Posilkina O.V. has visited the Kazakh State medical university named after S.D.Asfendiyarov (Almaty, Kazakhstan) as the first opponent  to defend the dissertation for PhD degree, specialty 15.00.01 “Drug Technology and Organization of Medicinal Products”. During the visit to the university, the directions of joint scientific projects between Kazakh State medical university and NUPh (2015) were also identified.

2014-2013 academic year

In order to study the experience of the European Higher Education Institutions in the training of economic personnel, it has been a joint visit of the Department of Management and Department of Pharmaceutical Marketing and Management  to the Masaryk University of Economics (Brno, Czech Republic, 2014).


NUPh successfully cooperates with 35 countries in Europe, Asia and Africa. Every year the number of partners among European universities and research institutions is growing.

23 – 27 October 2012 visit of decane Maliy V.V. and prof. Posylkina O.V. of the “Economics and management” faculty to  Poland, Slovakia and Austria in the delegation of pharmacy. During the visit he met with the heads of institutions of higher education:

– Medical University of Silesia (Katowice, Poland);

– Higher Medical School (Poland);

– Humanitas University (Poland);

– University of Economics (Bratislava);

– Comenius University (Bratislava).

  In order to expand the zone of European higher education institutions of higher education have been signed agreement on international cooperation.


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