History of Department

The department was founded on February 1, 1995 to provide economic training for students of specialty “Technology of pharmaceuticals”. The first head of the department (1995-1997) was Zvereva Claudia, Ph.D in Economics, associate professor who has made a  significant contribution to the scientific and methodical base, material resources of the Department.

In 1997 the Department was determined as basic department to economic preparation for this specialty. The same year the Department was licensed as graduating department to prepare students for the first economic specialty in NUPh – “Economics of an enterprise”. In 1997, the first admission of students to the university on the specialty “Enterprise Economics” of full-time education, and in 1999 – correspondence courses took place.

In 2001 the Department was accredited by specialty “Economics of an enterprise” at the level of bachelor’s degree, and in 2002 – at the specialist level. In 2004, the Department was licensed, and in 2005 – was accredited by specialty “Economics of an enterprise” at the level of master degree.

Since 2005 the department has trained more than 1500 bachelors, specialists and masters of specialties “Enterprise Economics” and “Logistics”.

The department employs 14 specialists, including: 2 Doctors of Sciences (Professors), 11 Candidates of Sciences (10 of them Associate Professors), 1 teacher without a scientific degree.

The research work of the Department of Management and Enterprise Economics is aimed at the research of topical issues on improving the efficiency of management of pharmaceutical enterprises for providing the population with high quality and affordable medicines (registration number 0114 U000961). During the existence of the department 3 doctoral theses, 15 candidate theses were defended.

The staff of the department published 23 monographs, prepared and approved by the Problem Commission “Pharmacy” of the Ministry of Health and the Academy of Medical Sciences of Ukraine, 47 manuals, 57 Scientific guidelines , which are instructive materials on the problems of pharmaceutical enterprise economics, pharmaceutical management and logistics.

According to the results of scientific researches, the staff of the department obtained 3 patents, 47 copyright certificates, 31 scientific developments were entered in the State register of innovations of Ukraine in the field of knowledge “Medicine and pharmacy”.

In 2018-2019 new educational program “Management of Health Care and Pharmaceutical Business” for the second (master’s) level of higher education in specialty 073 “Management” of the field of knowledge 22 “Management and administration” (second higher education on the basis of higher medical or pharmaceutical education) , which aims to train professionals capable of managing healthcare facilities and pharmaceutical companies (organizations) of different ownership.

 Head of the Department – D.Sc. in Pharmacy, PhD in Economics, professor Posilkina Olga. The author of more than 800 scientific and scientific-methodical works, including 11 monographs, 4 textbooks which are labelled by the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine and the Ministry of Health of Ukraine, more than 70 manuals, an encyclopaedic dictionary of pharmaceutical terms; 10 typical training programs;  more than 300 guidelines; 66 scientific and methodological recommendations, approved by PC “Pharmacy” of the Ministry of Health and the National Academy of Medical Sciences of Ukraine and agreed inUkrmedpatentinform, 2 information sheets; more than 200 scientific articles, more than 60 of them in foreign editions; has a patent; 47 copyright certificates; author of 34 innovations included in the register of innovations of Ukrmedpatentinform.


  • Winner Diploma in the nomination “The Best Department of NUPh” 5th ranking position (2019, 2018);
  • The title “Absolute Winner” in the nomination “The Best Department of NUPh” (2017);
  • The winner of the nominal scholarship of Kharkiv Regional State Administration named after M. Valyashko in the field of science in the nomination “Pharmacy” for outstanding scientists (2017);
  • The title of “Honoured Professor of NUPh” (2017);
  • Honorary diploma of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine for services to the Ukrainian people (2016);
  • diploma of the third degree of NUPh “Winner in the nomination”” Best head of the department “(2016);
  • Name of Professor Posilkina O.V. entered in the Golden Book of Honours of NUPh (2010);
  • Diploma of II degree of NUPh in the nomination “Manuals” for the manual “Enterprise Economics” (2008);
  • Diploma of II degree of NUPh in the nomination “Manuals” for the manual “Pharmaceutical Logistics” (2008);
  • awarded the title of “Best Head of the Department” (2007) in the regional competition “Higher School of Kharkiv – the Best Names”;
  • Diplomas of NUPh (2002, 2006, 2011, 2015, 2016);
  • Diploma of the Ministry of Health of Ukraine (2006, 2011, 2016);
  • Diploma of the Kharkiv Regional State Administration “For personal contribution to the development of pharmaceutical education” (2004);
  • Diploma of II degree of the Kharkiv Regional State Administration in the category “Textooks” (2002);
  • Diploma of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine (2000).


Today the department is involved in the educational process in all specialties in NUPh which are licensed and accredited, is a basic department for the educational programme “Technology of drugs”. The department also actively involved in the retraining of specialists, which holds the Institute for Advanced Studies specialists in pharmacy. Lecturers of the department give different courses to managers and experts at the Kharkivs’ pharmaceutical enterprises.

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