КартинкаThe program of training and structure of training courses are basedon the use ofmodern approaches andtechnologies that are used by leading universities of Ukraine and the abroad. Essential components of training of specialists is the use of new educational environment, network sources, including Internet. Lecturers of the department have developed informativepackages, createdstructural and logiccharts of expert training on levels:Bachelor’s, Specialist’s and Master’s degree by the specialty “Enterprise Economics” and “Logistics”; created educational and methodical complexes on studying of disciplines, developed and usedmultimedia support of lecturecoursesand workshopsin the educational process.

The content of training of specialists completely meets the state requirements, requirements of a modern labor market and the individual. Modern training in direction ” Enterprise Economics ” and “Logistics” allows to get knowledge in the sphere of the economy of an enterprise, to learn how to estimate the efficiency of work, to conduct market researches, to carry out business planning and forecasting activities of the enterprise, to prove economic decisions and to estimate risks of the enterprise, to use the latest computer software products. Students-economists during their training study humanitarian, fundamental and professionally oriented disciplines, that allows them to receivemodern basic andadvancedtrainingin economics. The training process of students of the specialties “Enterprise Economics”, and “Logistics” provides also research aspect: students take an active part in international scientific and practical conferences, trainings seminars and competitions of student’s scientific works.


Test items for writing classroom tests



Capasity and development of an enterprise

Justification of economic decisions and assesment of risks

Production organization

Political economy

Planning and control at an enterprise

Project analyses

Industrial ecology

Localization of product forses

Enterprise strategy

Project managrment

Human Resourse management

Chemacal and phermaceutical enterprise product management

Ecologic and cosial safety management

Pharmaceutical logastacs

Financial of an enterprise

Finance, money and credit


Business model enterprise formation

Economic Analysis

Economics and innovation management

Labour economics and human relations

Economics and finance of an enterprise

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