Postgraduate and doctoral studies

At present dissertations are being studied at the Department of Management and Economics of the enterprise

for obtaining doctor degree:

1. Bratishko Yu.S.

2 Kaydalovа A.V.

3. Derenska Ya.M.

for obtaining candidate degree:

1. Kubasova A.V.


Defended doctoral dissertations:

  1. Litvinova  O.V. “Theoretical and practical approaches to intellectual resources management of drug developers and manufacturers under conditions of innovative development” (2018)
  2. Kozyreva O. V. “Theoretical aspects of differentiation in the socio-economic development of regions in the spatial economy of Ukraine” (2017)
  3. Sahaidak-Nikitiuk R.V.Theoretical and practical principles of scientific management flow processes in the pharmaceutical industry”  (2013)

Defended candidate’s dissertations:

  1. Chechotka O.V., “Scientific and practical approaches for improving the process of promoting medicinal cosmetic products in pharmacies to provide good pharmaceutical care” (2019)
  2. Mala, Zh. V., “Scientific and practical approaches to the management of competitiveness and strategic development of pharmacy networks” (2019)
  3. Goy A.M. “Development and implementation of a universal model of production of parenteral drugs on the principles of project management” (2018)
  4. Novitskaya Yu.E.,“Scientific and practical approaches to stock management of pharmaceutical companies under quality management conditions” (2016)
  5. Lisna A.G, “Scientific and practical approaches to the construction and management of integrated logistics systems in pharmacy” (2015)
  6. Gorbunova O. Y., “Improvement of client’s logistic service in the partner relations system by industrial pharmaceutical enterprises” (2011)
  7. Svitlychna K. S., “Scientific and practical bases of development and estimation of integrated management system on pharmaceutical enterprises” (2011)
  8. Kostyuk G. V.,Scientific and practical bases of development and realization of innovative projects in a pharmaceutical production” (2009)
  9. Musiyenko N. N., “The introduction of the controlling system on pharmaceutical enterprises” (2009)
  10. Bratishko Yu.S., “Management by work potential of industrial pharmaceutical enterprises in the conditions of introduction international standards of quality” (2008)
  11. TimanyukM., “Management of the processes of commercialization of intellectual property in the pharmaceutical industry” (2007)
  12. Sahaidak R.V., “Logistical of the approach to management of material resources at the pharmaceutical enterprise” (2002)
  13. Zhukovina O.V., “Development of technology of deriving of substation with complex prolonged action based on synthetic zeolite NaA” (2001)

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